Krzysztof Kołosowski

SoftServe / Business Analyst

    He started his analytical career in 2011, but his adventure with IT began in 2009. Since then, he has gained experience in many domains. He cooperated with clients of various sizes (SME, Enterprise sectors) from various countries (Great Britain, Sweden, Poland and the Czech Republic).

    During his professional career he has played the role of a “classic” business analyst, system analyst, multi-project analyst, as well as a product owner. The management of the product itself is not unfamiliar to him either, as he was also a product manager in one of Wrocław’s telecom start-ups.

    He has dealt with a wide range of projects so far – from creating systems for configuring terminal equipment in telecommunications companies, through ERP systems for the retail industry, to product configurators for automotive retailers.

    When working with a team, he prefers agile software production methodologies and also recommends them for clients. He has joined projects in different phases of their life, but his specialty is to start new projects (kick-off, workshops) and maintain good relations with the client.

    Fan of effective meetings and non-standard approach to solving project problems. He is constantly looking for new techniques and tools in order to use them in practice – he has successfully implemented impact maps in one of his projects.

    He is a co-founder of the Business Analyst Meetup meeting in Wrocław, as well as an active presenter on the Wrocław analytical scene. Among his presentations you will find those that define best practices for an analyst’s workshop, but also deal with the subject of interpersonal communication in general.

    Privately, he collects pens and inks and works on improving his handwriting. He is an enthusiast of cycling, and in his free time he switches to a road bike and crosses the routes of Lower Silesia.