Jacek Wieczorek

Consultant at 202procent.pl, co-founder of agile247.pl, creator of the blog agilecoaching.pl

    Jacek is an experienced Agile Coach and consultant at 202 Procent. Author of he book “Labirynty Scruma”.

    During his career he gained hands-on experience in many roles (developer, project manager, scrum master, agile coach, C-level executive), in various companies (start-ups, middle size companies, big corporations), in diverse business models (product and service oriented, internal and external clients), with customers from different countries (Poland, UK and USA).

    He was supporting two big Scrum transitions (Allegro and PayU) and led an agile transition in a software house (STX Next).

    Currently he helps organizations turn into places where valuable products are efficiently created. Co-founder of agile247.pl and author on agilecoaching.pl.